Qualified & Dedicated Staff

The attorneys at Ward Potter LLC are supported by a qualified, dedicated and talented staff. Just like our attorneys, the support staff at Ward Potter are compassionate, skilled, hardworking, and provide excellent service to our clients. Our staff work closely with the attorneys, providing support to them as well as to their clients through all aspects of the family law process.

We love the colorful and unique aspects that each of our staff members bring to their roles every day. The services they provide go above and beyond everyday expectations giving our clients care they deserve.

Our Support Staff

Margie Cartwright | Client Care Coordinator

Margie Cartwright is our Client Care Coordinator. She is the friendly voice you hear when you call our office and the first person you meet when you walk in our door. While she says she doesn't have a hidden talent we all agree that it's making everyone feel at home. Margie has worked in the legal field for many years in various roles, supporting attorneys and their clients. Her co-workers consider her one of the most helpful people they know. Margie understands the importance of organization, family and community. Margie is a native of Wichita and attended both Wichita State and Friends University.

If you were an office supply what would you be?

“I would be tape, because I’m good at holding things together.” – Margie C.

Jeannie Hinkle | Office Manager

Jeannie Hinkle is Ward Potter’s Office Manager and is the master of many tasks. Our heads spin at the list of things she does on a daily basis. She manages invoicing and payment processing as well as internal office technology systems for the Ward Potter team. Her goal is to offer clean, fair and understandable billing and a compassionate voice when addressing billing questions. It’s a good thing she studied primary education at Butler Community College because she’s great at keeping us all on track. We couldn’t do our jobs without her. If you asked her, she’d say her secret superpower wish is to be able to be in two places at one time. However, we think she already possesses that power. Jeannie never stops.

If you were an office supply what would you be?

“The stapler, because I’m good at digging my claws in and making things come together!” – Jeannie H.

Corrie Logan | Paralegal I

Corrie Logan serves as one of our firm’s paralegals. Corrie joined the firm in 2018 and has a background in management and training. She currently provides support for the firm’s attorneys by preparing all initial pleadings and assisting with any other necessary work required for hearings and trials. When she was little Corrie wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up, but we are thankful that she chose to follow the management career path.  Corrie Logan is a hard-working joy to work with who keeps us smiling. Hidden talents? She’s got plenty including professional whistler (she’s still waiting on that recording contract). When asked to share one thing people don’t know about her, she quickly answers, “my dog Loki, rabbit Flash and I like to wear matching outfits while doing yoga.” That says it all! She obviously still has a love of animals.

If you were an office supply what would you be?

“I am a green highlighter because I am helpful and vibrant!” – Corrie L.

Liz McKenna | Paralegal I

Liz McKenna uses her 20+ years of experience to help provide the firm’s clients with comprehensive paralegal support. She supports Lynn and Tony by maintaining files, drafting documents, filing motions and preparing the various documents required for our client’s cases. When she isn’t busy at the office you will find Liz cheering on her beloved OU Sooners. She lives for her coffee and LOVES her grandkids! If she isn’t busy enough, Liz is an expert needle pointer with a wild obsession for crazy socks. If you asked her what superpower she would want Liz would tell you time travel so she could visit any place at any time. We think that’s a cool idea, however we want to keep her all to ourselves.

If you were an office supply what would you be?

“I think I am kind of like a filing cabinet – I have a lot of knowledge and experience about a lot of different things!” – Liz M.

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