Kansas Payment Center

Alimony, Child Support, Maintenance Payments

If you are paying or receiving child support or spousal maintenance, the Kansas Payment Center is available for your convenience.

If you are making a payment, please note that you must include the following information with your support payment:

  • Your full name
  • Court order number (example: 15 DM 000000)
  • Your social security number or KPC Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Mailing Address:
Kansas Payment Center
P.O. Box 758599
Topeka, KS 66675-8599
  • If your mailing address is changing and you are worried about a payment delay, please call the Kansas Payment Center at 877.572.5722.
  • Whether you are paying or receiving support, you must reference your court case number in all dealings with the Kansas Payment Center.

If you receive payments, please note the following information:  Effective February 7, 2012, the Kansas Payment Center discontinued the use of paper checks and began sending all payments electronically.  Your choices are a NOW VISA Debit Card (Debit Card Information (the NOW card), or direct deposit into your checking or savings account (Direct Deposit Information).

If you have not yet enrolled in direct deposit or debit card, you will be automatically enrolled in the NOW VISA Debit Card when your next payment is received and the payment will be deposited into that account

Please click the link below for more information or to set up electronic deposit.


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